At our Ford dealership in Paris, TX, you can benefit from our robust vehicle protection packages known as Engines for Life. The program may be called Engines for Life, but it's really a complete vehicle coverage system. By offering a competitive Ford warranty to our customers, we're able to continue taking great care of them long after they buy a truck or car from us.

What Vehicles Are Covered under Engines for Life?

When you buy a used car with Barnett Auto Group's Pre-Owned Vehicle Protection, you can drive confidently. Sometimes pre-owned vehicles may break down by no fault of anyone, so we want to make sure we're available to help with covered Ford service. Every qualifying pre-owned vehicle from our Paris Ford dealer undergoes a rigorous inspection and maintenance process that includes the installation of high-quality MOC brand maintenance products. With these products installed, your used car is automatically covered for a period of four months or 4,000 miles on the following components:



Covered components include any part that is lubricated by the internal oiling system of the engine. This includes engine assemblies, pistons, bearings, connecting rods, ext.


Fuel System

Covered components include the fuel injectors and the fuel pump of your vehicle. These components can often be damaged by poor quality gasoline or contaminated gasoline. By installing MOC brand products in your fuel system you will keep your fuel system in to shape.


Cooling System

Covered components include the lubricated parts contained within the heater core, water pump, freeze plugs and radiator. Installing MOC brand parts in you fuel system will ensure that your covered when the heat is on.


Power Steering System

Covered components include the lubricated parts within the power steering rack and power steering pump.


Brake System

Needless to say, stopping is an important part of driving. With MOC products installed in your braking system you will be covered in the event that the lubricated parts contained within the pump, valves, master cylinders and calipers fail.

How do you ensure that your vehicle's coverage is maintained? It's easy! Just visit your local Barnett Auto Group dealership and have your vehicle serviced with MOC branded products and fluids. Once your service is complete your vehicle will be covered for another four months or 4,000 miles.